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  Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic  

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  Welcome to Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic College !

  Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic Vocational College was approved by the Guangdong Provincial People's Government . It was registered with

  theMinistry of Education. Founded in 1984, it is one of the earliest private colleges in Guangdong Province with a history of 27 years.

  Nanyang Polytechnic.

  Guangzhou Nanyang Polytechnic adheres to the philosophy “Developing school by cultivating talents , Booming school by academic talents ,

  Crowned school by features” , In accordance with the school motto " Be United, Inspirational, Hard working, Innovative ," and it has

  achieved remarkable results and made great progress, providing the society with more than one hundred thousand talents . Now, the College

   has developed into a prominent vocational college mainly focusing on the cultivation of applied professional techniques with high

   standards and qualifications on the front line of production, industry , construction, commerce , management and services as well.

  In August 2010, the school campus has completed the overall implementation of relocation. New campus is located in Hot Spring Town ,

  Conghua City , nicked named “the Capital of Hot Spring ”,which lies on the Northeast of Guangzhou City . Conghua is one of the

  Administrative County-Level cities of Guangzhou City. Here the campus is of open terrain, convenient transportation, elegant environment

  and pleasant scenery. The campus occupies an area of 85 acres and has completed the construction area of 135 thousands square meters.

  Exquisite architectural design of school building serve for various functions: Academics, learning, life, sports and entertainment

   facilities are all in readiness. The campus is surrounded by green trees and verdant grass studding with birds' twitter and fragrance of

   flowers.It is an ideal field for youthful students to go further their studies.

  Within Nanyang Polytechnic College, there are 11 faculties which cater to 38 programs. They are are: Department of Mechanical and

  Electronic Engineering; The Department of Automotive Engineering; The Department of Computer; The Department of Management; The Department

   of Architectural Engineering; The Department of Industrial Design; The Department of Fashion; The Department of Public Infrastructure;

   finally, The Department of Ideological and Political Theoretical Course. Currently, the College has 108 advanced laboratories (fields),

   50 multimedia classrooms, and 1974 reader’s seats in the library with a collection of more than 750,000 books, which can meet the

   teaching needs.

  The College is with good research environment and first-class teaching faculty. The College currently employs nearly 300 full-time

   teachers, of whom 63 teachers have gotten master degree and one is tutors of postgraduate candidates. The incumbent president

  Professor Qi Kaiqin ,is an expert in fine chemical engineering. There are 84 "dual-skilled” teachers, 17academic leaders and 23 young

   and middle-aged backbone teachers in Nanyang College. The age, academic credentials and titles, the structure of entire teaching staffs

   are reasonable; the discipline and professional distribution are balanced.

  The College adheres to the application-oriented training, employability and competitiveness of students as a basic goal. We try to

   innovate the mechanisms of students’ cultivation to explore the classroom teaching, especially the reform of training teaching;

   According to the needs of enterprise and employing unit, the College adjusts the curriculum to strengthen training teaching, insisting

   the combination of research and teaching, implementing the policy of "employment-oriented cultivation," and receiving good results.

  The College has formed a Trinitarian pattern of teaching, production, scientific research and we have established a student internship

   base in more than a hundred companies, for example, Honda Engine in Guangzhou, Shenzhen Hasee, Rundu Group. Employment rate in our

   College has been above 98%, 80% of the students receiving two certificates. Graduates in our College have gotten praise and greeting

   from the society and employing unit.

  So far, the College has won many honors awarded by Municipality, Province and Nation due to its significant achievements. The College was

   awarded with laurel “Outstanding Contribution of the Private Education in Guangdong" and “the most competitive in employment among

   private colleges."

  The College determines to run the school conscientiously and diligently on the basis of the existing circumstance, adhering to the center

   of talent training, employment-oriented plan, and professional construction as guideline, coordinating the scale of school, structure,

   quality, and efficiency to continuously improve the educational level and quality to cater to the needs of economic and social

   development in Guangdong.

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